Agora Seltzer
Branding, Digital, Packaging & Print Design

A flexible brand and packaging for one of the newest seltzers to hit the Australian market.

A range of collateral and templates for use across social and print were developed alongside the website.

The Playground
Branding, Digital & Print Design

A visual identity for The Playground, a music based promotion company in London.

Developed to coincide with the launch of 3 new sub-brands. The visual identity was created to work across a range of mediums.

Homie Streetwear
Apparel & Print Design

Collaborated with HoMie to create a limited edition collection of apparel to coincide with a fundraiser taking place at Dr Morse in Melbourne.

A range of marketing materials were created for the event, alongside a limited edition art book.

︎ Photography: Marcus Crook

One Trick Pony Club
Branding & Physical Design

Brand identity for the One Trick Pony Club, Brisbane's newest and most unique comedy variety show.

I was also commissioned to create physical signs that would further continue the branding across stage and were photographed to be used as key visuals in advertising materials. 

Protest Sans
Type Design

An all caps condensed display sans typeface family.

The typeface includes three weights, two styles, and four heights intended to be used at large sizes.
James Bourbon. Brisbane, Australia. Design Director.